Unit information

Grade 1 Earth Science

Earth Materials

10/9 - 12/1, 7 weeks

Essential Questions:
  1. What is the Earth made of?
  2. How are rocks alike and different?
  3. Why do we need rocks? 
  4. How are soils alike and different?
  5. Why do we need soils?
  6. What natural resources does the Earth give us?
  7. Why do we need natural resources?

Enduring understandings:
Students should understand...
  1. The Earth is made of different types of materials (including rocks, soils, and minerals) that have different physical properties. 
  2. Earth materials are important resources that we use for many things in our daily lives.

Essential skills: Students should be able to...
  1. Make detailed scientific observations, both written and drawn.
  2. Use scientific tools such as a hand lens or screens to make observations.

Essential knowledge:
Students should know...
  1. The Earth is made of many materials including rocks, minerals, clay, sand, and soil.
  2. Rocks have various rock sizes (boulder, cobble, pebble, gravel, sand, silt)
  3. Rocks can be recognized and grouped by their physical properties.
  4. Many earth materials are useful natural resources including metals, fuels, fresh water, farmland, and forests.
  5. Plants and animals depend on earth materials such as soil, water, and air to live. 
  6. Earth materials like oil and natural gas can be used for heating, transportation, and electricity.
  7. Vocabulary: dull, shiny, smooth, rough, little, soft, big, hard