Unit information

Plants and Animals: Form and Function

(1/15-3/8, 8 weeks)

Essential questions:
  1. How do animals get food and water?
  2. How do animals get air?
  3. How do animals stay safe?
  4. What parts do plants have?
  5. How do plants get food?
  6. How do plants get water?

Enduring understandings:
  1. Understand the particular structure of plants and how each part helps it to meet its various needs.
  2. Understand the particular structure of animals and how each part helps it to meet its various needs.

Essential skills:
  1. Make detailed scientific observations, both written and drawn.
  2. Draw conclusions based on the results of a scientific investigation.

Essential knowledge:
  1. Plants need: air, water, light, and nutrients from soil. Animals need: air, water, food, and shelter. (review from Kindergarten)
  2. Plants need sunlight so that they can make their own food to grow and live.
  3. Functions of plant parts:
    1. Roots hold plants in place and absorb water and nutrients
    2. Leaves gather light and air to make food for plants
    3. Stems keep plants upright and carry water and food up and down the plant.
  4. Functions of animal parts:
    1. Parts for protection and warmth: hair/fur, feathers, scales, skin, and shells
    2. Parts for moving gathering food: mouths, teeth, beaks, claws, opposable thumbs
    3. Parts for moving around: legs, wings, opposable thumbs
    4. Parts for breathing: lungs, gills, skin
    5. Parts for sensing: eyes, ears, skin, nose, nostrils, lateral line