Answers: Show What You Know

Show What You Know #1
What is a magnetic field?Which metal is NOT attracted to magnets?What happens to a magnetic field when you get further away?What happens when two similar magnetic poles are put together?How does a compass work?
The invisible area of force around a magnetCopperIt becomes weakerThey repelThe earth's magnetic field attracts the needle

Show What You Know #2
What happens when you put the cork in the circuit?Which material is an electrical conductor?Which material is an electrical insulator?What happens to the circuit with 2 light bulbs?What happens to the circuit with 2 batteries?What happens to the circuit with 3 batteries?
The light bulb doesn't light upKeyEraserThe light bulbs get dimmerThe light bulbs get brighterThe circuit doesn't work

Show What You Know #3
Change the wire material to string. How many iron filings remain on the ground?Change the wire material to copper. How many iron filings remain on the ground?Which wire material is the best for making a strong electromagnet?Try changing the wire thickness (wire gauge). Which picks up the most filings?Try changing the number of winds. What happens with more winds?What design makes the strongest electromagnet?
500481CopperThick wireIt picks up more filingsThick copper wire with lots of winds

Show What You Know #4
What it electricity made of?What is an electric current?What does the power source do in a circuit?What does the path of an electric circuit need to be made of?Why are wires covered with rubber or plastic?What happens when a circuit is open?
Moving electronsA steady flow of electronsIt creates a steady flow of electronsA conductorThey are insulatorsThe electrons stop moving

Show What You Know #5
What kind of magnetism does electric current make?What happens when you coil the wires of an electric circuit?What is different about electromagnets from regular magnets?What are electric motors used for?What do electromagnets do in a circuit breaker?
A circular magnetic field around a wireThe magnetic field gets strongerElectromagnets can have their poles switchedA computer's hard driveThey stop electric current if there's a power surge