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Unit information

5th Grade Earth Science Unit


Essential questions:
  1. How does our Earth move?
  2. Why does the moon seem to change shape?
  3. What things are part of our Solar System?

Enduring understandings:
  1. The Earth's rotation and its orbit around the Sun cause daily and yearly cycles. (day/night, yearly, and movement of stars)
  2. The moon’s orbit around the Earth causes it to appear to change shape in a regular cycle.  
  3. The solar system contains many different objects that orbit around the sun, including planets, moons, asteroids, and comets.

Essential skills: Note- these should be based on science fair assessments as well
  1. Draw conclusions based on evidence
  2. Communicate the results of a scientific investigation in a written report and a oral presentation

Essential knowledge:
  1. The rotation of the Earth and its orbit around the sun causes the sun and stars to appear to move in the sky.
  2. The force of gravity keeps planets and other objects in our solar system in regular orbits around the sun.
  3. Different phases of the moon are observed because of the relative positions of the moon to the Earth.
  4. Our Solar System consists of 8 planets and other smaller objects (like asteroids and comets) orbiting the sun, some of which have smaller satellites orbiting them (like the Moon orbiting earth).