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Parent's Curriculum Night presentation

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Parents often come up to me at school and ask me how they can help their child learn science. It's a tough question to answer, because there are so many ways that parents can support their child's learning, so this website is my effort to answer that question once and for all! Here are some things you'll find on this website when you click on your child's grade level:

Unit information: Details about each of your child's science units will be posted ahead of time so you can get an idea of what they will be learning about, and what the expectations are that they will be graded on.  You can also find out what they are learning about when, which is useful for striking up dinnertime conversations that go beyond "What did you learn at school today?". Having students talk about and explain what they are learning is a great way to help them process and commit things to memory!

Experiments to try: One of the best ways you can foster your child's love of science is to do science experiments at home. For each of your child's science units, I will provide ideas for do-it-at-home activities that you and your child can do together. This not only reinforces what they are learning in school, it's also a lot more fun that just playing video games all weekend!

Books to read: For each of your child's units I will be working with the librarians to provide a list of grade-level appropriate books that an interested student can read to learn more. If your child seems excited about learning something, encouraging them to read books about the subject is a great way to foster independent learning. 

Videos to watch: Rather than watching Cartoon Network all day, I will also give suggestions for videos (both online and in our library) that you and your child can watch to learn more about the science topic they are studying. Believe it or not, there's more than Bill Nye out there!

Websites to surf: There are many great educational websites out there if you know where to look. For each of your child's science units I will provide links to safe, educational websites that your child (and maybe you too!)  can explore to learn more. 

If you have any questions about the website or science updates please contact gfaull@asd.edu.qa.

Scientifically yours,
ES science department