Unit information

Kindergarten Life Science

Living and Nonliving Things

10/23 - 12/15, 7 weeks

Essential Questions:
  1. How do I know if something is living or nonliving?
  2. What do plants need to live?
  3. What do animals need to live?
  4. What is a habitat?

Enduring Understandings:
  1. Understand the difference between living and nonliving things.
  2. Understand the basic needs of plants and animals: food, water, light, air, space
  3. Understand the ways in which a living thing’s habitat provides for its basic needs (this benchmark will be assessed on the T2 report card)

Essential Skills:
  1. Ask scientific questions and make predictions.
  2. Follow multi-step directions.

Essential Knowledge:
  1. Living things grow and change, move, and need certain things to live. Nonliving things do not have all of these characteristics.
  2. Animals need food, water, air, and space or shelter to live
  3. Plants need water, light, and air to live.
  4. An animal’s habitat is the place or home that it lives in, it provides an animal’s needs